Mike Mims

Message from the President: Customer satisfaction vs. Customer loyalty

The death care industry is forever changing and truly this year is no exception.

We all are evaluating our financials, questioning expansion, reviewing personnel and trying to determine how to deal with the next problem that is sure to arise. But we all seem to push the most important element of our business to the bottom of the stack of “things to do:” our customer.

Businesses do not spend enough on customer retention. I am not speaking about the money you spend out of your budget to appease your customer base; I ask that you evaluate your business on what is being done to keep your customer.

Customer Service vs. Customer Experience: We all emphasize the importance of customer service to our employees and service teams, but what is our customer experiencing when they do business with us? We all want our customers to have a five-star response in doing business with our companies. When was the last time you thought about your customer expectations of your business?

Customer Satisfaction vs. Customer Loyalty: Loyalty is when expectations are exceeded. A satisfied customer will continue to buy from your business, but a loyal customer will refer other customers to your business. Do we want a satisfied customer or a loyal customer?

Great customer service creates great customer satisfaction. But a customer having a great experience in doing business with your company will truly be a loyal customer.


In service,

Mike Mims
CFSA President