Membership Referral Program Recognition

Over the last few months, we have encouraged CFSA members to reach out to prospects who might make good candidates for membership in our association. We all know that “word of mouth” referrals are our best source of new members!

The membership referral campaign offered one-day-free Fall Conference registration waivers for eligible companies, and several took advantage of the opportunity to experience firsthand the networking, business, and social connections that are the fabric of CFSA members. We are currently following up with those prospects.

CFSA would like to thank and recognize these three members for actively referring new prospects to our headquarters office as part of the referral campaign: Brett Haley, NorthStar Industries; Jack Schmidt, National Directory of Morticians (Red Book); and, Jerry Burchett, IVC Industrial Coatings. All three were recognized during our recent Fall Conference & Trade Show, and Jack Schmidt was randomly drawn among the three as the winner of a free iPad of up to $500.