Kelco Unveils Cremation Urn and Remembrance Product Web Portal

From a press release. 

In connection with its recent Infinity® catalog release, Kelco is excited to introduce the profession to

A single source destination for the family and the funeral director professional, provides a warm and inviting display of Kelco’s current urns, keepsakes, and related remembrance products.

This portal includes all items from the recent Infinity by Kelco™ catalog as well as even newer products more recently added to the line. Within the portal, product cost is available exclusively to the funeral director using the same sign-in credentials as needed for the website.

“By creating a warm and informative portal that functions on any device, from cell phone to tablet to desktop, and by restricting cost visibility at a consumer level, we are able to provide our funeral director customers with a convenient resource they can confidently provide to their families” says Alicia Carr, CEO.

To obtain login credentials for please contact Kelco via phone at 800-328-7720, via email at or via the web at