“Have the Talk of a Lifetime®” Holds Webinar

The second of three free webinars about Funeral and Memorial Information Council’s (FAMIC) Have the Talk of a Lifetime campaign, presented by Rob Rosenberg, President of Springboard Brand & Creative Strategy, was held on July 24, and drew participants from across the U.S., Canada and beyond.

Eighty funeral service professionals participated in the webinar that covered the “5W’s and 1H” involved in taking the Have the Talk of a Lifetime campaign out into your communities. For those unable to attend, the webinar was recorded and is available for download. Contact CFSA headquarters for the link.

Here is a summary of the webinar’s content:

Who? You! You are the subject matter experts and respected community leaders. Who better to lead these conversations? The target audience identified for the Have the Talk of a Lifetime campaign are adults 35 to 74 years, the “sandwich generation,” who have children of their own and may have aging parents. These are the people who should be having the Talk of a Lifetime with their loved ones. The target audience also includes influencers such as clergy and hospital, nursing home or hospice staff.

What? This is a huge marketing opportunity for funeral service professionals. Have the Talk of a Lifetime links the value of memorialization with the need to talk with loved ones about what matters most – how they feel they made a difference and how they want to be remembered when they die.

Where? You can take Have the Talk of a Lifetime anywhere, starting with your place of business. Other potential venues for hosting this event include senior centers, hospices, community centers, libraries, churches, synagogues, and other places of worship.

When? The time is now! Today’s consumers need to be better educated as they seek economic and emotional value to support purchasing decisions. There are many different times and opportunities for hosting a Talk of a Lifetime event! Hosting dinners, café meetings, or lunches are all perfect opportunities to have guided conversations – Talks – about life. Local senior/family expos and fairs are other occasions that provide the opportunity to distribute materials and interact with community members. Co-sponsoring an event, mixer, or seminar with other local end-of-life care providers or chambers of commerce or business organizations is an option as well.

Why? Your involvement will help begin to change consumer opinions and attitudes toward memorialization. This campaign will help position you as a community leader and help build customer relationships. You are instrumental in helping families make important decisions about honoring the lives of their loved ones. And Have the Talk of a Lifetime supports funeral professionals like you in both business and community service goals!

How? Use the free campaign resources available from FAMIC. Visit famic.org to download the brochure, workbook, print and digital ads, a community presentation and other wonderful materials you can use in your community.

Webinar Questions & Answers

The following questions were asked during the webinar:

Can I add my logo to the materials?
All campaign materials are “co-brandable” meaning you can add your logo right next to the FAMIC logo. For more information, and instructions for adding your logo, download the “Logo Usage Guidelines” from the famic.org campaign materials page.

When will the Have the Talk of a Lifetime campaign go national?
The campaign was launched in June, 2013. A four-month national test digital marketing campaign began in March 2014 and concluded in July. Our next webinar will review the exciting results of this digital marketing effort.

Where can you print out the webinar handouts?
There were no handouts associated with the webinar, but the video recording of the webinar is available for viewing.


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