Church & Chapel Expands Its Plastics Division

Church & Chapel Metal Arts of Chicago recently announced the introduction of three new preparation room items to its Angelus Plastics Division.

Church & Chapel now manufactures its own line of polyethylene body positioners, available in a large and small size, as well as a polyethylene head block. Angelus Body Positioners raise the body above the prep table, allowing fluid and other material to easily flush away. These positioners are easily cleaned, chemically resistant, durable, and reusable.

“Our new body positioners are the most resourceful positioners in the industry. They are as durable as their aluminum counterparts, but closer to the price point of a disposable Styrofoam option,” said Frank Taddeo, Vice President of Church & Chapel.  These products are now in stock. For more information or to order, contact your local Church & Chapel representative or contact us at 800-992-1234,, or