CFSA Podcast: David Murphy turns near-fatal injury into innovation

David Murphy was riding his motorcycle in 2013 when a driver ran through a stop sign, hitting and nearly killing him. He grew up in funeral service and is a funeral director by trade. He told those around him at the time, “I’m the guy who puts people back together who died. I know my injuries. I’m not going to make it.”

Miraculously, he did make it, though doctors said his spine had shattered and he likely would never walk again. A month or two later, he was able to wiggle his toe. It took him a year, but he was eventually able to stand on his own again, and a few years after that he was running a 5K.

Needless to say, Murphy is a fighter. He likes helping others and prefers doing things himself. Loading and unloading bodies in his capacity as a funeral director, though, was still a struggle. He had to rely on others for a while to help him – and then his entrepreneurial spirit was sparked.

“I remembered being on a fishing boat in Alaska with my biology degree as an observer. We were pulling in 100 tons of fish off the back of a ramp of the boat using a wench, and the lightbulb went off,” Murphy said. “When I turned that wench sideways so I could have three pulling positions so I could pull a cot down on each side and take two, or two cremation cases, or a cremation and pickup a cot – it’s all about efficiency these days – I knew I had something.”

His LoadAlone™ lift system will load and unload caskets and cots with only one worker needed, instead of the traditional two-employee method most funeral homes still work under today.

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