CFSA Lifetime Recognition Award Recipient expands products & services at St. Francis Cromo

BURBANK, Calif. – St. Francis Cromo’s new funeral supply division, Reliable Funeral Supply, is establishing a unique wholesale marketing concept designed for funeral directors whose long-terms community leadership has earned them extra consideration, and it’s all under the leadership of a CFSA past president.

Acknowledging the shrinking base of suppliers, Reliable seeks to provide novel, new and different products to the industry. Reliable Funeral Supply at its core pledges minimum backorders, on-time delivery at the most aggressive discounting program funeral directors have yet to experience.

Mark Pennington, a 50-year veteran of the funeral / cemetery industry, propelled Superior Funeral Supply and Halo International to the top of funeral industry suppliers. He also served as CFSA president for 2000 – 2001 and received Lifetime Recognition Award honors in 2019. A familiar face at hundreds of conventions and trade shows, Mark has also attended numerous industry professional training programs earning multiple certifications including cremation arranger, celebrant, crematory operator, certified cemetery and funeral executive.

His consistent goal throughout this career has been to create ways to increase the success and profitability of the independent funeral director and to enhance the value of the funeral in our society.

“We want to keep funerals personal, meaningful and affordable for the families who seek a fitting closure to the life of their loved one. At the same time, we believe in the dignity and professionalism of the independent funeral director. They deserve to maintain their business with a focus on their families, not suppliers….Because we ask questions, listen and get to know our customers, we’re a good sounding board for problem-solving and new ideas. Our ultimate goal it to make our industry and you look better.”