Cardinal Casket Company Acquires Guyton Casket

Cardinal Casket Company, a family owned and operated company, recently announced that it will be acquiring Guyton Casket Company, a family owned and operated company in Jacksonville, Florida. Guyton Casket Company beginnings go back to 1936, when Duval Casket Company opened for business. In 1976, Duval Casket Company became Guyton Casket Company when Albert “Byron” Guyton, III, became the sole proprietor and operator. Guyton Casket Company serviced the surrounding area stretching from Daytona Beach, Ocala, and Madison, Florida, to Valdosta, Waycross, and Savannah, Georgia.

The acquisition of Guyton Casket Company will further enhance the delivery footprint of both Cardinal Casket and Sun Casket by enhancing their service capabilities in Northern Florida and Southern Georgia with the addition of the Jacksonville warehouse & distribution facility. Cardinal Casket and Sun Casket will now have distribution facilities in Lauderdale Lakes and Jacksonville, and the manufacturing and distribution facility in Orlando.

Cardinal Casket Company and Sun Casket Company are both Florida owned and independently operated casket companies. Cardinal Casket has been providing the funeral industry a complete line of North American manufactured caskets since 1973. Sun Casket imports premium quality crafted caskets from our Global Partners. Together, Cardinal Casket and Sun Casket service more than 400 independently owned funeral homes throughout Florida, Georgia, and the Islands of the Caribbean Basin. The result is a core-line of both metal and wood caskets with high quality, economical pricing, and superior customer service for the funeral industry today.