Batesville Expands Work & Wellness Balance

Excerpt from April 2018 issue of American Funeral Director (

So many businesses offer gym memberships, health screenings for diabetes and prostrate cancer, smoking cessation and weight-loss programs, and perhaps flu shots.  But what if a company wants to do more? What if it wants to make that work and wellness balance easier – and effective?

Batesville, and its parent company, Hillenbrand Inc., may have found the solution with its Health & Wellness Centers. The independently managed and staffed facilities provide easy access to high-quality care delivered by a staff of medical professionals, and are designed  not to replace the company’s  traditional health plans, but to provide additional services for employees and their families who are already covered by a company health plan. Employees’ medical records, history and treatment plans are private.

The first health and wellness center was built in Batesville, Indiana, in 2010. Today, that facility serves 2,792 Batesville and Hillenbrand employees and their dependents who work at the corporate center, at the company’s manufacturing plant in Batesville or who live in the area. In December 2017, Hillenbrand opened its newest facility in Manchester, Tennessee, adjacent to the Batesville Casket manufacturing plant.

“As we all know, health care is one of the biggest challenges we face today, both as employers and consumers. Costs are out of reach for many people, access is becoming more limited and the bureaucracy is driving consumers to look for alternative sources,” said Julie Joerger, director- global HR services, for Hillenbrand . “As an employer, we care about having employees and their families lead longer, healthier and more productive lives. We want to create compelling experiences for our associates in all areas, including health care.”

Those “compelling experiences” have also reaped big rewards for the company, including lower total health care costs, reduced absenteeism and faster recovery of workplace injuries, retention of employees, and improved health of employees.