Batesville Announces Retirement of Vince LoIacono

From a release by Batesville.  Vince is a CFSA Past President (1983-85).

It is with mixed emotions that we inform you of Vince Lolacono’s retirement from Batesville. After serving his loyal and committed customers for the last 23 years, Vince will now look forward to spending more time with his wife, Cookie, and family.

Vince is a true pioneer in the funeral industry. His family started Bridge Casket Company in 1948, serving New York, New Jersey, and surrounding communities. In 1954, Vince joined the family business with his brother and began to expand the company into New England and later to Baltimore and Washington DC.

In 1993, Bridge Casket Company was sold to Batesville and Vince, being the true ambassador he is, stayed on as the Northeast Regional Director. Vince and Cookie (although she’s not a formal employee), have become a part of the Batesville family. In 1996, Vince became a Key Account Manager for Batesville, a role he still holds today. He’s famous for his dedication to the customers who call him friend. Vince is an icon in our industry in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic area, and his influence, knowledge, and history are unrivaled.

One of Vince’s most unique opportunities (and I think one he will tell you is closest to his heart) is when he represented Batesville during our country’s deadliest terrorist attack of 9/11 in New York City. Vince was the liaison between the city government of New York and Batesville, coordinating with NYPD and NYFD to ensure that more than 3,000 Jefferson Keepsakes were presented to the families who lost loved ones. On another note, a milestone was reached when Vince was recently inducted into the Masters Club, a prestigious group recognized for outstanding achievement and excellence over a 15-year period. Although Vince’s formal retirement date is December 31, he has agreed to stay on in a transitional management role in the Northeast and will continue to be available.