ASD Introduces Live Chat Feature and First Chat Alert Tool

From Funeral Service Insider (

ASD – Answering Service for Directors has introduced a new Live Chat feature that allows funeral professionals to answer questions and capture leads directly from their funeral home’s website, according to a news release. As more funeral professionals recognize the importance of connecting with the public online, Live Chat ensures that website visitors can receive assistance in real-time, without delay.


ASD’s Live Chat introduces several proprietary tools, which allow funeral home staff to be involved with the chat as well as ASD call specialists. The company’s onsite technical team designed this tool to be as interactive as possible, maximizing the level of control directors have over incoming chats. When an urgent chat is initiated, ASD sends a First Chat Alert™ via text or email, allowing the on-call director to intercept the chat in progress on their mobile phone or computer.


“Rather than settling for a generic chat feature, we harnessed our state-of-the-art technology to build a custom solution that offers directors more control and flexibility,” says ASD vice president and family member owner Marty Czachor, who designed the Live Chat feature with ASD’s technical team. “ASD clients have come to expect a higher standard and our Live Chat feature is another example of the ways ASD has worked to improve our clients’ lives with the most advanced technology.”


Live Chat is designed to help directors capture price-shopper inquiries, as some consumers may not feel comfortable placing a phone call. Funeral professionals can choose how, when and why they are notified of a chat session by using ASD’s customizable options and settings. Answers to common questions can be programmed in advance, ensuring website visitors receive the information they need without delay.