Abbey Caskets Opens New Production Facility

Excerpt from The Herald (Jaspar, Indiana) at

Abbey Caskets, of St. Meinrad, Indiana, has opened a new production facility on the campus of Saint Meinrad Archabbey. The new workshop, which builds wooden caskets and cremation urns, is open for public tours.

Abbey Caskets was established in 1999 to sell wooden caskets and cremation urns. The simple caskets include a design based on the casket used to bury the Benedictine monks. Last fall, a building previously used by Abbey Press was emptied, cleaned, and painted. A sprinkler system and sanding and finishing booths were installed, and a dust wall was built to separate the finishing station from the cutting and sanding stations.

In addition, Abbey Caskets hired two people for the casket production and another for customer service. A Saint Meinrad monk, Brother Dominic Warnecke, is also working several days a week in the shop. The workshop began production earlier this year.

Having the casket workshop on-site gives Abbey Caskets more control over the quality of the products and helps keep costs down, according to Jenny Keller, director of Abbey Caskets. In addition, customers who want to see how the caskets are made can do so. To tour the workshop and see the finished products, call Abbey Caskets at 800-987-7380.